What happens once I have sent my device?
Once your device is received, it will be entered into our system, evaluated, data wiped and tracked through the entire process. You can check your status by clicking on trade-in status and entering your email and zip code.
What happens if you disagree with the condition I select for my item?
If our evaluation does not match the one you completed online, Encore will send an email with a new offer. You can either accept the new offer or ask that we return the item to you.
When will I receive my payment?
You will receive your check or gift card within 10 business days from the day your device is received in our system.
If my device does not have any value, will you recycle the device?
Yes, Encore will recycle your device free of charge with an authorized EPA service provider.
What happens to my device after it is processed for a trade-in?
Encore will re-use your device for parts, or wipe all data, repair, and refurbish for re-sale.
How do I know you received my device?
An email will be sent to you stating we received your device and it will be processed.
What is the status of my payment?
If you click on trade-in status you can view the status of your payment.
I have a lot of product to sell. Can I trade-in more than one device at a time?
Yes you can, by clicking before checking out. If you have a large quantity of devices to sell, please contact trade-ins@encorerepair.com.
Can I change my mind after I receive your offer for my device?
Yes you can - just click on to remove an item from your trade-in cart, or you can click to cancel your whole order.